Devorah Creek Vineyards is the culmination of a dream to  grow and produce local wines. Realizing that there is more to “being green” than simply shunning pesticides, insecticides  and unnecessary additives in our foods, DCV believes that producing locally made wines completes this circle by reducing oil inputs related to shipping. Additionally, those of you who have traveled to smaller villages in the “Old World” know the  beauty and unique tastes of eating an entire meal grown from products entirely sourced from local ingredients. We  hope to recreate some of this magic within the Puget Sound.

At Devorah Creek Vineyards, we think globally while growing locally.

Joshua Neely, our vigneron and vintner is also the tasting room manager, landscaper and janitor. After falling in love with wine during a trip to Napa Valley, Joshua  decided to try grape growing on his farm on the Enumclaw plateau near Auburn, WA.

Joshua attended the University of Washington, earning a BA in Near Eastern Studies and a Master of Arts degree in International Studies. He has also studied at Washington State University taking courses on winemaking and winegrowing. When not in the vineyard and winery, he raises organic Hereford cattle, reads voraciously and attempts to overcome frostbite while standing in the Puyallup river salmon fishing.

We at Devorah Creek Vineyards are committed to creating small lots of premium quality hand crafted wines. We hope you have the opportunity to come out to the farm and sample some of our offerings.

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Winery Address
37785 Auburn Enumclaw Rd SE
Auburn, WA 98092

Contact Info
Phone: 1.253.333.5062


If you have any questions about wine sales, to schedule a tasting or if you are from the media or wine industry please fill out our contact page and we will respond within 24 hours.

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